Day: January 5, 2019

HDT Werewolves SE

I’m less than a week into modding, so I’m not gonna argue about anything, but please explain “…nothing like that…” Like what? HDT physics for SE? Werewolf beastly bits? ??? For HDT, the HDT-PE (havok version) won’t happen, I get it, but I’m trying the new HDT-SMP (using Bullet physics). […]

AAF for beginners: Step by step (Back to WIP V2.0.1)

Leito is (after the conversion to AAF) buggy atm. Thats one of the reasons for all the new tests… _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Kicked Vadermania trying Farelle now… _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Got a different error regarding ‘walkmarker’… Always the damn SM… Thankfully everything is in the area around the entrance to ‘Goodneighbor’. SM, dogs, critters, […]