Day: February 26, 2019

Companions and Followers Botoxed

This is a standalone, botox patched, version of Companions and Followers mod found here on the Nexus. With this mod you get 12 traveling followers. 8 Botoxed females, and 4 males(Orc,Nord,Khajiit,Argonian) Alana:  Ivarstead Inn on Sundays, Female Redguard, Fire Mage Conjurer Ashe:  Riverwood Inn on Mondays, Female Imperial(spy), Archer […]

Drelas Reborn

[font=Comic Sans MS]     [/font][font=Comic Sans MS]          I recomend using: Enhanced Lights and FX |  – Spell Research |  – Thanks to all the mooders who made the resources packs i listed in the Permissions tab, and some especial thanks to Gamwich[/url] that gave […]