Day: March 14, 2019


For some reason this mod seems to CTD when trying to enter the Fox Jail A, all the other rooms are functional the npcs are functional no glitches with textures. Yet CTD the moment you get close to the facehugger room. However in spawning the facehuggers with console you get […]

Goats and Co.

Adds in Skyrim. No DLC needed. SCROLLS Bighorn Sheep (male only) Black/White/Ginger Chickens Cayuga Duck Orinoco Goose BOOKS/SPELLS Two Goats A Two Goats B Japanese Serow Ibex Two Bighorn Sheeps (male and female) Takin Warning: Between and Ivarstead Between and Brandy-Mug Farm Between and Heartwood Mill Between and Kynesgrove This […]