Day: April 4, 2019

Athletics Training – with MCM by Volek – SSE conversion by Giftig

Original description of the Oldrim mod:  (by Volek, featuring Deathless Aphrodite and Spinner385) Requires Skyrim 1.8, SKSE 1.6.6[/url] and . — not applicable to SSE, see above italics note.  This mod brings back Athletics to Skyrim. Raise your speed and jump height by sprinting, jumping and swimming. The more you train, the better […]

(artifact) blessing of the king of gods

仍在练习三神?到处寻找0魔法消费? 仍在寻找100魔法抗性? 使用完之后,你再也不用浪费时间来解决这些烦恼,只需打开你的传奇~~超级炼金术,锻造, 超级魔法抗性, 超级负荷, 如果你觉得太不和谐,你可以自己分解神灵的祝福和附魔你自己。 附带两个新的附魔〜上帝的祝福~~~ 根据游戏的原始制作,该理论与所有模式兼容。