Day: June 18, 2019

Poppy and Tristana (League of Legends) Standalone Followers

adds two Yordle-Followers to the game – with Custom Armor and Weapons. They can be found at Candlehearth Hall in Windhelm. [/color][/u] [/size] –====Requirements====– dawnguard =========Credits==========  by Ousnius and Caliente  by ECE team  by Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shock  by ryoso League of Legends[/url] by Riot Games  by HydrogensaysHDT  by Groovtama  by ats321  by zoni84  by mfeile1974 […]

The Volgon Isles – Traduzione italiana

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-                                                The Volgon Isles – ITA -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-    Nome: islesofvolgonITA.esp    Data: 18 giugno 2019 (versione 2.01)    Autore: i486DX2    Richiede: Skyrim.esm, islesofvolgon.esp    File di traduzione per “The Volgon Isles” v2.01 di Micah Ghost    SOMMARIO       – Installazione/disinstallazione manuale ESP       – Attivazione/disattivazione manuale ESP       […]

Dragon Ball and Naruto Spell Package

[font=Tahoma][/font]Añade varios hechizos basados en los animes “Dragon Ball” y “Naruto” utilizando como maestros los mods “Naruto Overhaul”, “The Uchiha Clan” y “DBZ Overhaul Post CK”. (Tanto la como los de los hechizos y libros están en ). [/b] [*] [*][/size][/b] [*][/size][/b][/size][/b] [*] [/list][/size] Todos los hechizos se encuentran en […]

Bud Spencer Follower_German_Deutsch

Bud Spencer als Standalone Follower mit 128 Sprachdateien + 7 Backpfeifensounds (ersetzen die standart Hit sounds im Faustkampf aber nur die,die auch treffen) Es gibt derzeit 2 Varianten: V1:  •für gemoddetes Skyrim, besonders solche die Kämpfe schwerer machen, mehr Gegner hinzufügen etc          •Bud Spencer bekommt viel mehr Gesundheit+Ausdauer und […]

Sexy Bandit Captives

You’re on the right track; that’s exactly what I was proposing as the problem to overcome with the ultimate destination. Unlike vanilla characters, the custom follower mod characters don’t have a default to return to exactly. I could record their location and their current AI Package and return them to […]