Day: June 30, 2019

Valenwood Worldspace

A new Valenwood project, Journey to Valenwood, has begun development, and so I made a modder’s resource that they (or anyone else) would be free to use.  The worldspace was made using the following resources, tools and tutorials: All Tamriel Heightmap by TESAnnwyn by Lightwave Oscape by […]

Teleport between houses – Russian translation

Оригинал:  Автор оригинала:  Перевод мода “Teleport between houses or mod houses-also Mark and recall locations” для Skyrim LE на русский язык. -Сферы телепортации во всех домах игрока, книги-телепорты, переносной телепорт- рычаг, которые можно использовать для перемещения между своими домами, к телепорт-шестерням или в отмеченные локации. -Две телепорт-шестерни, к […]

Couch Co-Op Pahmar Race Add-On

This mod – after you download and install:  -Will allow your second player to play as the Pahmar race. In whiterun, during character select (the button pillar outside the church) – pick the male/nord/ option. A pahmar will spawn for player 2 to play as. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *DisgruntledWombats Logo in […]