Day: July 7, 2019

Milk Mod Economy

@ Ed86 Heya, I’ve read through several Google-given pages here concerning “How to enable multiple rows of breasts for MME”, and I haven’t found a solution as yet. I use [ XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended v4.51 ], skelly; and [ UUNP HDT Animated Pussy v4.0 ], body. I understand the […]

S_L_U_T_S Redux

Load order shouldn’t help because DCL will always be after the Vanilla quest which SLUTS hooks into and even then I think it’s a quest priority thing that makes DCL forcegreet to trigger first. If you type StopQuest dcur_prison_guardArrestDlg (I think this only needs to be done once pergame) into […]

Mojo Grass

This mod replaces/adds the grass objects and removes the auto-generated pebbles and underwater grass. [line][heading]Installation[/heading] Install via a mod manager. If you prefer to not remove the underwater grass objects, load this mod before underwater grass mods. Cleanup with Tes5Edit is not necessary. Identical to Master records left in the […]

Kaidan 2 SOS replace

SOS version this time because I deleted SAM version out of frustration.  [font=Courier New]——–description——- [/font][font=Georgia]He is much older looking with a Beard and different eye shape as well as hair.  Kaidan now looks very much like the Hunter and wandering warrior we know him to be. [/font]—————————————————— ((same as before […]