Day: August 11, 2019

WARP – World Assets Recycle Project

Disclaimer[/b][/size][/color]  This mod was originally created by AndrealphusVIII who has shared it as it is. Unfortunately, due to real life obligations, He can no longer provide active support. However, feel free to make any modifications yourself, using this file. (see permissions.)     This mod is the continuation continuation of […]

RR Illumination Dress for UNP

RR Illumination Dress for UNP v1.0 [Introduction]  This MOD adds Armor from A certain game.   [Contents]  Dress                       4Colors  Cuffs                       2Colors  Boots                       2Colors  RibbonTie(Amulet)           4Colors  LongSkirt(Slot38:Calves)    2Colors  Accessory(Slot52)           4Colors   These are equipment equivalent to “Elven equipment”.   These production and strengthening are almost the same as “Elven equipment”. [Installation] […]