Author: Sleepytigereyes

Mimi Standalone Follower

[font=Times New Roman][/font] [font=Times New Roman][/color][/font][/b][/size][/font] Credits: Eyes of Aber, KS hairdo’s, True brows, Caliente’s CBBE, UUNP body and meshes Elvenia Armor by gutris1 Elven Blades – Elven Sword and Greatsword Model Replacers by vpulse08 (for the meshes)

Roxanne Standalone Follower

Credits: True eyes, SG brows, SG hairs AIO, Caliente’s body and textures. Slut Princess Armor 1.0.1 By MaikCG (Permissioned) (Google it) Pumps by Frankfranky (permissioned) Kaw Claws by foxey (free to use) Newmiller drake2 jewellery necklaces circlet UNP CBBE (jewelry) by newmiller (free to use)

Micky Standalone Follower

Credits: Caliente’s body, True eyes, HG hairdo’s Newmiller drake2 jewellery necklaces circlet UNP CBBE (jewelry) (free to use) Vampire hunter dark knight CBBE UNPB Dreamgirl Sevenbase (ex Vampire dark knight) (permissioned) Crystal Edge – 1h and 2h Glowing Sword by kiriavark (free to use) Fancy Bows by […]

Kebara Northland Elf Standalone Follower

Credits: Caliente’s CBBE and HDT, UNP, SG Hairdo’s, SG brows, The eyes of beauty. Newmiller armor (Permissioned) Elven summoner set Belt: Elven sniper project 3 CBBE UNP for HDT high heels or NiOverride Armor: Bohemian Armor (for the 2H sword) I allow and encourage the share/modification just as […]