Author: Sleepytigereyes

Kebara Northland Elf Standalone Follower

Credits: Caliente’s CBBE and HDT, UNP, SG Hairdo’s, SG brows, The eyes of beauty. Newmiller armor (Permissioned) Elven summoner set Belt: Elven sniper project 3 CBBE UNP for HDT high heels or NiOverride Armor: Bohemian Armor (for the 2H sword) I allow and encourage the share/modification just as […]

Ms Robinson Standalone Follower

Credits: True eyes, Sg hairdo’s, Sg brows, Caliente’s CBBE and UUNP bodyslide Black Rose – UNPB TBBP by n8k Black Rose – CBBE TBBP by nakrulz Targaryen Shield by zajkoajko Ebony Weapons 2017 Retexture by OperatorCactus

Christie The Unbroken Standalone Follower

[font=Courier New] [/color] Voice type: Condescending Height: .95, Weight 100 Levels: 30 – 600 Marriage: Yes Dual Silversword archer HDT body version requires: –  HDT Physics Extensions by HydrogenSaysHDT –  XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended by Groovtama NetImmerse Override needed for the boots. If you have RaceMenu you already have this. […]

Betty and Wilma Flintstones Standalone Followers

                         [/color]                                                                                                            Credits: Caliente’s CBBE meshes, mashup of Leyenda, Bijin and fair skin textures, Bella female brows, True eyes, Cherry’s eyes, KS Hairdo’s, UNPB meshes and textures, and HDT body models. Giants Cloth Armor -Male-CBBE-UNP(B)-7B-UUNP-DreamGirl-HDT by testiger2