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The Inheritance

Name: The Inheritance Version: 1.0 Date: 31.03.2019 Description: ========== Find some fine eqipment in a chest in the room you’ll get in the College. One day, you get a letter from your long dead parents. You don’t find out, who the sender is. But the letter is sealed and adressed […]

Yiffy Age of Skyrim

Bashing has no effect on a mod’s performance impact, if 3DNPCs is too much for your setup/rig to handle, that’s it, there’s no magic trick to solve that. Are you using ENBoost, SafetyLoad, the SKSE Memory Tweak, and all the other performance-enhancing mods and tweaks?

SexLab Hormones (May 2019)

I was thinking about doing a self-port of this mod to SSE. Generally, porting is very easy but Lover’s Lab mods tend to be a bit more complicated with the dependencies and scripting. Anyone have any luck with a SSE port? I’m specifically looking to try out the sex change […]