A.S.I.A. – Sexbots of The Commonwealth [with BoS add-on] 7/28/18

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Did you build the bodies?

BodySlide will build them straight into their respective directory locations. If you didn’t build them, then you’re using the default bodies that are in the archive. Or, for some odd reason, if you did build them, then they aren’t overriding the archived bodies as they should. If the latter is the case, try this:

Remove the A.S.I.A. – Main.BA2 archive from your Data folder.

Using BAE (Bethesda Archive Extractor) or equivalent, extract the main archive (A.S.I.A. – Main.BA2) into your Data folder. THEN BodySlide the bodies so the meshes extracted from the archive are replaced.

If that doesn’t do it, them I’m unsure what the issue could be.


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