AAF and Consent

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We will see if we’ll make it work, it’s almost a year I tried, I wish you luck.

I will not use the getformid function I don’t feel safe trusting it, can’t be helped. But that’s not a problem, with the splitstring function the string can be as long as we want so I will use this system:

From version 2.3.0 of MCG the system is already in place, in case you all decide to use the system you talked about, and sex from MCG will send these metas:

“MagnoCumGaudio.esp,NonConsensual,PlayerRapist” for player rapist or aggressor;

“MagnoCumGaudio.esp,NonConsensual,PlayerRaped” for player raped or victim;

“MagnoCumGaudio.esp,Consensual” for normal or consensual sex;

Should be easy enough for modders to add those keywords and/or add the check in a while struct for mcg keywords.

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