AAF Creature Pack Release v02

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That file in post #22 ( AAF Leito_FO4_Rigs_v1.1 KP permanent boners ) is supposed to do exactly that, by switching the models. If it doesn’t, then I don’t know. Maybe try redownloading it and reinstalling. The rest depends a bit on what mod manager you use, if any. If none, then I’ll always assume you know what you’re doing – or are prepared to spend a couple weeks figuring out what went wrong when needed, and that’s it. If NMM – that’s ancient relic that was replaced already. If Vortex.. can’t say much anything since I’ve never used it much – read enough about issues with it.. and my understanding is it basically integrates loot, which is deal breaker for me. If MO2, then have to make sure the “permanent boners” patch has higher priority number than the original mod (means it needs to be lower on the list, unless you’re sorting the mods by some other order than the default, which is ascending priority).

Don’t know what else to say. That patch worked for me.

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