AAF female always uses male body for scenes

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I started a new game and can’t thoroughly test until I reach someone besides Nate to test it on. I honestly had no idea about Leito’s packs for AAF so I did check those are and they are pretty cool. If I don’t have issues with the incorrect body beyond that I will update that maybe it is a good idea to install after you create the character. I believe it was immersive lover’s that wanted me to have body talk. I guess I don’t have to have it if I have Leito’s though I do enjoy that mod as well. Since I now have AAF compatibility patch would you recommend EVB over Bodytalk? I could always switch it out, although I have already built the morphs in body slide I am not sure what that would affect. Thanks so much for taking the time to help and reply too. I really appreciate it.

Edit* Body talk seems to be the mod I never install right anyways because the schlongs always wind up flying in weird directions…

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