AAF female always uses male body for scenes

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It certainly couldn’t hurt to do that. I have started a new game before where I had AAF installed from the get go and it can create problems when youre going through the initial part of the game. There was NPC starting up sex scenes in the vault before our character had chance to grab the vault suit and shit like that. Generally I just use the basics (like cbbe-looksmenu-bodyslide etc) until I get through the whole vault thing at the beginning and finish with Codsworth. I find if you take it that far the game basically is wide open ready to go and safe to start loading up all your mods. If you just want Atomic Lust and not all the other hoopla you don’t have to necessary use the Bodytalk body. This body has more detail but also more you have to do to use it. Personally if youre looking to just use Atomic Lust with a regular playthrough you would be better off just using the EVB body for the male. You can get rid of the nude suit and grab the AAF compatability patch. It will have a option you can check that supports this body. Its a easier route to go and should solve the problem of the wrong bodies.

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