AAF patches for Crazy & Leito mods [V3.2 Leito pack v2 + BodyTalk support]

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am doing a complete new install of game and mods.

So far, to AAF, I have


Leito animations

Leito patch

3.0 patch

ALl 3 AAF themes.

AAF sex em up

Atomic lust animations

Dogmeat is working at this point.


Savagecabbages animations, with the boxes for feral ghouls, glowing ghouls, super mutants, and canine checked

Dogmeat no longer has a erect penis.

UNcheck the Canine box in savagecabbages animations and Dogmeat has his penis back, and Dogmeat is happy!

Checking, there is one other mod that has Dog animations besides savagecabbages, I did see one animation of dogmeat without an erection. It may be fixing leito, broke the other peoples dog animations.

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