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Oh, gods, how the hell do I use this mod?
So what I wanted was to engage my female character into prostitution. I figured I would talk to some NPC, get some caps, and then a sexy animation would play. Right? wrong…
What happens is this: after I talk to NPC, i get some caps and I “vanish” from thee game. I can’t switch to 3rd person, nothing happens, I cant aim and shoot, nada. Sometimes I get to hear some weird stuff, sexy noise, for a few seconds, but no animation plays. And sometimes, If I get pissed off and mash random buttons, I go into tfc (free camera mode) and go through walls and such.
Anyone could throw some advice please?
My F4SE is latest version, xx.16, it works fine with all my other mods, so that is not an issue. Also latest version of the game.

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