[AAF] RSE II: Random Shenanigans (05/26/19)

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Tanks for v1.6 which made it finally working for me.

Many thanks for the reset knob!

Reporting a slight issue though:
When actors are chosen and scene is preparing (quest marker appears, scene not yet playing) and THEN one actor gets drawn away (i.e. enters combat, settlement under attack and so on), Shenanigans will get stuck infintely.
When combat ends, quest marker simply stays on npc, but scene will never play. Calling them together via settlement bell to bring them close again doesn’t help either.

Hitting ‘reset’ makes all work instantly again, so thanks for adding that button 😉

There seems no timeout for aborting scenes when they are not able to play. And if there is one, it seems not to be working for me.

For easiest reproducing/testing:

– set difficulty to very hard (to make battles longer)

– install some mod that affects NPC detection range like Arbitration or Advanced AI Tweaks to increase chance of getting NPCs into combat

– install some spawning mod like Warlike, Endless War or War of the Commonwealth, which brings your settlements under contant attack

This combination triggers issue quite fast.

Keep up good work!

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