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A) How do I check? Is that a console command? Do I wait for one of the mods to trigger before I check? Do I need to be in a violate scenario for those checks to know? If I give you the worst papyrus log ever when one of these instances occurs would be better? When it comes to checking to see if a mod is working I’ve been doing the tried and true test it first. That is why these are always suggestions as I know from experience that this mod already works fine just fine and that it’s some mod conflict on my end

Yes and that is the issue. For when I am in an intense battle IF I surrender I have now joined the bad guys. People who fight the bad guys, but are not my ally do not join in on either side of the violation. Bonus Problem, I become the number one target of my new found attackers/former enemy of their enemy.
How to test on your part: Use the console to Spawn in some hostile raiders in game, in DC and surrender to them. You’re now on their team. Team Charm.
Possible solution. Instant outcome as your PC is now under fire IE : teleport/lets get out of here/abduction/collared through raiders pet (good luck on that one lol)
Edit: my bad let me rephrase that small mistaken use of the enemy of my enemy.
I am surrendering to a riot if you will. I was on the side of the guards. After I make a new(?) charm faction the guards/former rulers of the cell turn on me because _______________ (?)
Edit number 2:
What if the Charm faction was only the player and anyone who is in the surrender state?!?! Neutral to all factions! That way when NPC’s of any variety that are hostile to the violators treat you as a neutral!! Once the violators are dead the new king of the cell will see you. You’ll get the standard line when all attackers have died before a violate happened (Lol at least twice now in my series. First time was an almost VERY LUCKY SM who ate my bullet as I was surrendering to him HAHAHAHA)
Now the new NPC faction will see you and either be hostile or not as the PC has returned to the Player Faction!!! Boom!!!!
Edit 3: ______ could be a bullet that hadn’t connected yet. That is why my Charm faction has hostile relations with DC guards

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