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I don’t know if I count as “new” here. But, I have already pointed out how you can fix it. Re-install everything and follow the guide doing so. Has worked for thousands of people.

I directly tested what you say does not work and it worked. Unless you can point out specific ways to reproduce this issue, please stop implying that this is a bug in AAF that hasn’t been fixed. All evidence so far points to it being a problem in your game build. AAF can’t detect and address all of the ways that you can break your build.

Hm. I haven’t looked into that yet either. As a fallback, it may not be too bad to just manually make a list of the factions and check for them (and copy) that way. I don’t think there are too many?

That is odd. I can’t think of anything that would cause a crash in an animation pack. Maybe something about referencing animation objects that changed.

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