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Hello everyone

I’m looking for some help about furniture animations

In fact I use AAF violate 0.51 with the search distance of 1000 and the probability of furniture animations at 100%.

However it does not work and I can assure you that I have tried twenty times at different places with furniture that I normally know how to work.

On 20 times I had 0 furniture animations and no matter the breed.

Ego kindly checked his mod and told me that it works for him.

What is strange is that 20 times I should have had at least one furniture animation that starts but no.

In addition I have no aaf errors and no animations errors and furniture animations work when I launch them via the AAF interface.

I would like to know if anyone would be kind enough to look at the xml files in my AAF folder to see if I’m missing something.

I also installed leito supply and savage patches of lilydementia

In my opinion I think I did everything correctly but obviously not.


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