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I’m not bashing, I’m just tired of all the patches. As for fixing AAF, what’s the difference between AAF Alpha & AAF Beta?


The advent of the doppelganger causes there to be 2 skins on human male & human female & I think Super Mutant as well. One skin (female) is CBBE default, and is worn while just running around the Commonwealth. The second is the skin I made in Bodyslide. This skin (female) shows up during the animations. This second skin has elongated nipples & bigger boobies. For the men, the default body is just the opposite. The body used in just running around is the Bodyslide (with aroused pecker) and the one used in sex is the flaccid default.

This ONLY started happening after the advent of the doppelganger. I can just about guarantee that if I go back to an AAF alpha pre-doppelganger, most of the problems in my build would disappear.

I am running a MALE character. My computer is running AMD 8500 Black CPU, and my video cards are GeForce 950’s. I don’t have any poses installed, because I was led to believe they are no longer necessary.


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