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As requested here are a the templates I use for Alien species in my world. The file Alien Templates version is just as it sounds, templates I use when making a new sim using one of the designs. The file Alien household are actual Sims in my world, they should be unskilled young adults, if people want I can import several families that contain various aliens. The Alien’s disguise forms are randomized, so feel free to change them however you want. All credits go to the CC content owners, mostly the talented Pyxis, without her CC these wouldn’t be possible.


Just drop the contents of the mods folder into your Sims 4 Mods folder. The other files drop into your Tray folder.

All of the files in the Mods folder are optional, the required files to get them to appear with skintones and body tattoo’s will be in Skintones, Tattoo, and Eyes folders.

If you don’t care for futa/shemale sims you can skip the Noir and Dark folders and then be sure to change the sim’s genetics (disable Sim can get others pregnant and Pee standing up OR if you are using WW, should be Get others pregnant and has a penis).

The folder Noir and Dark – Penis Skin Tattoo – contains an editted Tattoo with an extra color swatch. Normally the purple skintone I use would show up with a black cock in game, I editted the tattoo and added a dark purple color swatch. So when it asks you to overwrite the file for Noir and Dark’s Penis Skin Tattoo, hit yes or that alien skintone will have a black cock.

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