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Oh, thank you! The original mod author used machine translation I think. I intended to go back and edit the dialogue myself once I got my Creation Kit to work right. “Flowchart64.dll” was missing it turns out lol

I played with it a bit translating a German Language follower mod, but couldn’t figure out how to reassign the custom voice to a vanilla English voice, so the Follower just made my game CTD.

Actually, it was another user that contacted me with the errors and he had converted this for his own use, and sent me his conversion, so I switched them out as fast as I could, and didn’t have time to test it myself, so I’m not sure what all he did. He did fix several script edits that got screwed up because my Creation Kit, is NOT recompiling Scripts properly. I’ve been working all week trying to figure out why, and how to fix it.

I am all about making mods available for SE. I got frustrated that so many L.L. mods were never converted so I started converting them for myself, then thought; “Hey, if I’m doing this, why not get permission to share them with other people so they can use them too?”. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll know enough to make my own mods too?

I THINK you may have to re-edit the new ESP, but if you do, I’ll add it to the “Official Download”, (with full credit for the Dialogue improvements of course!).

Have a great weekend, and HAPPY MODDING!

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