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Hierarchies have been implemented in AAF since very early on. But, nobody has used them in a mod yet. It could be that it hasn’t been explained well or that the concept is outside of the way these frameworks have been used previously (or how people mostly want to use them?). I put this in early because it was a main feature I wanted to see in game. Allows all kinds of more interactive use of animation, integration into gameplay elements.

You can make a solo position animation with a 2 actor animation targeting it as a parent. Then, you run the solo animation and do a second run with one more actor on that currently animating actor and they will “join” by starting the second animation. One limitation that may need to be worked out is to allow better control of only one actor leaving the animation. I believe right now ending the animation ends for both.

In addition to this, if you directly start a position that is already a parent, the other actor will start their solo animation while waiting for the other to arrive. So, that can be used to have an actor do something like sit on a couch while the other actor walks over to join them there (rather than having the actor stare into space while standing next to the couch).

The XML for hierarchies would look like this:

<position id=”sitting_on_couch”>
<position id=”sitting_together_on_couch” parent=”sitting_on_couch”/>

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