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There was an article in TIME Magazine about two years ago that discussed how constant connection was causing severe depression in adolescents who didn’t know how to mentally and emotionally compartmentalize. They hear about bad news before adults who rely on old fashioned TV news do. I’m convinced social media and constant news feeds to “smart” devices is the real culprit behind the rise in school violence. Kids literally can’t turn off the flow of life’s tragedies or cyberbullying without cutting themselves off from the rest of their peers in the process because their peers are just as addicted to social media and instant news updates.

Which ties into how psychologists who once hailed social media as a way of helping people connect and alleviate loneliness are now doing a one-eighty and saying it’s making things worse. People invest too much into how many “friends” they have on Facebook, how many likes their tweets get, and they get completely bent out of shape if someone un-friends them or just quits following them. It truly is sociopathic media.

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