Bad End: Purgatory

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Known bug, not really Purgatory’s issue actually.

I created the cell, using zUnusedCave as a starting point. My goals were as follows:

Make sure it loads fast.

Make sure it looks good, without sacrificing loading.

Even at that, navmeshing some of the paths was…interesting. I didn’t include lava for two reasons: it’s purgatory, not hell; and I really didn’t want to add anything more to the cell. I wanted people to load in fast so it was sort of seamless. That said, more is coming. We want to add some random violations, etc. We also plan for some more ambient fx. The mausoleums do have a purpose, and will be used later for things like, actors coming out for random violations, etc. Clutter wise, it’s okay as is. We may add some if it’s needed for proper navmeshing later on with more updates.

That said: it’s the first release.

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