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You do realize that this was never directed at just you, I’m actually feeling a bit sorry you took it so personal. I am eternally grateful for all the talented individuals that have contributed to the game and especially for those who are sharing their creations, and yes, I too share.

Of course nobody likes paysites for mods, they, we, us never did, even way back to Sims 1. The main point here is that I have once too often come across a mod update post on LL then clicked on it to find out that it’s not available on LL but it is available for a fee on Patreon. You see what’s happening here, this is not right because LL is not a paysite nor should it be a place to advertise your wares that aren’t even hosted or available on LL. Or maybe LL should be charging for advertising?…hmmm….opportunity knocks.

You all have a great day and thanks for thoughts.

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