Cave brear texture is missing and grass during night is black under lights

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you have the same grass as him, and same for me…

there’s a lot of topics about grass that don’t get indirect lighting

fire light the house, road, but not the grass, it’s black

the plants between those 2 npc that isn’t black, it’s not grass, it’s plant or tree, that get indirect lighting (torch, fire, spell)

removing skyrimshaderpropertyflag something (don’t remember) from ground in front of char, it become black

it’s that that is missing from grass messh

but my grass are still black, so either that don’t work on grass, either that was too performance hungry (don’t remember my messing with that stuff)

very easy to crush fps with grass

animated double side transparent texture that always clip with ground (and grass meshes near it with too much density or height)

and the bear it’s not the texture, he don’t have a body that’s all (no texture purple meshe, no meshe red triangle)

click on it in console and go to its id in tesedit

bet that cave bear was given armor blackbear and race brownbear or something like that (same as giving armor wolf to a race brownbear, armor not available for that race, so game won’t load it)

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