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[RP-PVP]Pathenia (EU,Adult 18+)

Hail and well met my fellow deviants.

Pathenia is a new Conan Exiles RP-PVP server created and run by a few veterans that have seen their fair share of servers.
The server itself is located in germany, our target audience is the whole of europe.
We aim for a semi realistic world of intrigue and wonder.

World and storybuilding should be your priority if you join us.
Though there is always room for the more pleasant aspects of life.

Sex… I mean sex. Yes, let’s not kid ourselves,
you wouldn’t be looking for a server on lover’s lab if you weren’t at least keen on the possibility of sex spicing up your Roleplay.
And that is what it really should be, it makes a bland world more real and enticing, it is a spice.
Treat it as such, you wouldn’t eat a whole plate of chili peppers for lunch would you?

We can provide you with a stable powerful server, a well staffed admin department and a fleshed out lore section.
All you need to do is to not be an ass, able to communicate in english and to have your aim set on a nice juicy story.

We recenlty relaunched the server with a new mod list. Everything was wiped as of the 7th of march 2019.

So everything is still fresh.

Join our discord server https://discord.gg/vzkD9PS
Be sure to check the rules and information channels.

Come join us you sexy beasts!

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