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Like this chapter a lot : it was action packed, rich in twists and events, and of course graphically as colored and eye pleasing as always. The fight between the demons and the inquisitors was specially good, tonic and acrobatic, easier to follow than the previous ones (though some shots could still be improved from that point of view). It also seems you grew quite fond of directional blur, it adds something most of the time, but sometimes lessens a bit the precision, I guess the balance there is a matter of personal choice.

I’m a bit puzzled about Gwen’s doings however. She didn’t seem the kind who gives up. I can’t make me a consistent idea of her personality at the moment. 🤔

Anyway, loved the treason of Isabella, and can’t wait to see what happens after the cliffhanger !

Malicia : « Hi Mr Crw ! 🙂 »

Malicia : « That’s very bad, yes.
Plus now she’s got glowing eyes and pointy teeth just like Serana, uh ! She needs to kick the inquisitor into the pee-pee, and then run very fast and very quickly, yes. »

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