Chapter 7 Section 1 – Baroness’ Verdict

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Thank you Devianna.

Nora and Thomas are not pure blood btw. In my world only those that are directly turned by Molag Bal, such as Harkon or Serana (or the Queen) are pure blood. All other non feral vampires, which is the huge majority are descendend (often times over many generations) from one of the pure blood vampires. So in all of my “real” vampires is some of Molag Bal’s blood left that initially created the pure blood vampires, even though the blood and the powers get weaker with every generation of vampires and the more distant you are related to Bal.

Now ferals (and humans) don’t have Bal’s blood in them which makes them an inferior in the eyes of my vampires. (Btw. the only reasonable way to “justify” the behavior (and felt superiority) of my vampires is either via racism or religion… which tells a lot. I use a combination of both.)

Unlike the “real” vampires who have to be created by another vampire ferals can be infected via the Sanguinare Vampiris disease and are a lot weaker. At some point I came up with some kind of myth my vampires believe in that involves the Deadra Peryite that’s responsible for diseases, and he somehow wanted to create his own vampire version because he was jeaouls of Bal and his creation… sth. like this.
I don’t really know how all of this is explained in the actual game, because the three different vampires versions actually exist ingame, but I don’t know how they are connected or whether Bethesda just added random stuff because they thought it would be cool or whatever…

But in the end you’re right, ferals don’t behave that much different then “proper” vampires. Besides all the religious and race reasons mentioned above the “real” vampires see them as unwanted competion about blood and dislike the attention they draw from the human population via open attacks of mortals.

I should really add more lore about my vampire version to the blog overview page.

When did I write something about a female vampire that’s creating ferals? It’s been a while since I wrote that entry, but I can’t remember ever talking about a vampire like this.

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