Chivalry is Dead?

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See, you say that all this is funny to you, but the way you ramble about how liberals and feminists and young women with blue hair (lol) are the cause of all the world’s problems makes it pretty obvious that this upsets you.

Oh, and crying about how your romanticized idea of chivalry is dead is neither new nor is it remarkable. Chivalry died along with feudalism. It wasn’t mercilessly killed off by the PC Brigade or the feminazis or whatever, it just stopped being a thing when the medieval knights became officers instead of aristocratic soldiers. Why? Because chivalry was nothing more than a loosely strung together set of informal codes of conduct for the behavior of knights in a feudal economic structure. There was never a concrete chivalric code beyond the romanticized portrayals written in the op-eds of cultural commentators since the 18th century onward. These pieces, such as those written by Edmund Burke and Lord Byron, included them melodramatically mourning the “death of Europe’s glory” and bemoaned the supposed rise of “indecency in women and the youth” and the “destruction of masculinity” and a bunch of other whiny bullshit that doesn’t match up with reality.

This ideal was eventually morphed into the modern use of the word “chivalry,” which is that men should treat women a certain way just because they’re women. While these actions may be intended as just politeness, it can easily be interpreted as unintentionally reinforcing the idea that women are defenseless damsels that need men in order to get through their daily lives. Not always, but it can be. And yes, there are men out there who think that doing “chivalric” things for women means that they’re owed sex afterwords.

Anyway, what you call “chivalry” is nothing more than a sensationalized bastardization of an unofficial set of rules meant for a small portion of the population within a combat setting. I hate to break it to you, but you’re not a knight, and neither is anyone else in this thread. Also, if your go-to argument for liberals being the ultimate evil is “muh traditional values,” then you really have no rational arguments worth attention, especially since that’s just an appeal to emotion. Not that traditional values are necessarily bad, but they are not in and of themselves an actual argument for anything, and it fails to answer the “so what?” question. Like, if you had to convince someone that it was a good idea to take care of their children, just saying that “caring for your kids is good because it’s a traditional value” wouldn’t be nearly as convincing as telling them that “caring for your kids is good because it makes them more likely to be well-adjusted adults who contribute to society.”

Now, for the OP, chivalry may be long dead, but that doesn’t mean that manners are also dead. There is no shortage of kind people in the world, it’s just that we’re wired to pay more attention to the things and people that negatively affect us. Negativity sucks, so it sticks out to us more than the positive things in life. There’s a quote from Mafia III that I really like that goes something like this, “if you look for evil in the world, that’s all you’ll ever find.” Try not to get caught up in all the negativity, because then you’ll just screw yourself out of enjoying all the nicer things in life.

Now, I’d like to offer a better alternative to “chivalry”: Do unto others as they’d like done unto them. That is the Platinum Rule. I think I mentioned the Golden Rule before, and while both are superior to chivalry, I’d say that the PR is the best of them all. The PR is the GR plus empathy and understanding, treating people how they would like to be treated without imposing your own will onto them in a misguided attempt at kindness. Let’s use the doors situation as an example. While I may like it when another person holds the door open for me, Alice may prefer to open the doors for herself. Rather than telling Alice to shut up and let me open the door for her, I abide by the PR and let her open her own doors when she wants to. This goes both ways. The Platinum Rule is all about mutual respect and understanding, whereas chivalry is ultimately about making yourself look like a hero. The imagery of knights in shining armor isn’t an accident. Seriously, holding a door open for someone doesn’t make you a fucking gentleman.

Oof, this ended up being longer than I intended, but hopefully I got my point across to someone.

TL;DR Chivalry sucks. Platinum Rule ftw, baby!

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