[CK2] Tale of Nine Tails

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I’ve only been playing with a kitsune character for about an hour and I’m really enjoying it already. Playing as an immortal spellslinger is always great. Have a suggestion thought. One that would address the only problem I’ve run into while playing as a kitsune. Getting enough piety to grow more tails can be pretty difficult depending on your location and religion. Adding a little decision event chain to build your own shrine at your capital for locals to worship at would address my piety problems. It would act as a money sink that generates some piety.

The shrine could also serve as a springboard for other events. Accepting offerings, choosing between being a zenko/yako, worshiping Inari and acting as their messenger or expanding your worship across your country and founding your own religion. I don’t really know anything about kitsune outside of what Wikipedia tells me so I’m sure there is more that can be done with the idea.

With all of that said I look forward to future updates, irrespective of my half-baked ideas inclusion in them.

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