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Good evening,

I installed this amazing replacer for the first time and everything works wonderful, many thanks to the author for great job. But one thing bother me – in game labia seems distored, more like concaved ( I`ll attach some screenshots). When I remove hdtvagina.xml it becomes normal smooth (ofc with no physics). So, is it supposed to be like that or I did smth wrong? (Install order was SOS, SL, Bodyslide, CBBE, XPMSE 4.51 with HDT a no overwritings after install, HDT PE 14.28, Cosio 5.3 hi-res full physics, fair skin tex + patch. Body CosioHD, preset C osio without any changes > batch build > build > FNIS update).

That`s how it looks in game with standart nord female at weight 0 (same situation at weight 100).And that`s how it looks in bodyslide and ingame without hdtvagina.xml at weight 0.

Any suggestions, please? Thank you in advance for your answers. (First post here, sorry if I ruined any posting rules)

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