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the “problem” is called “evolution”….

skyrim at its core is a game created around the year 2009… with the knowledge of programming, technic at that time… see, how the technic has evolved, giving the user more cpu-/gpu- and rampower, better ways to compile, create games, more feedbacks to the creating firms, more similiar games with other ways to create impressing views….

and now try to put all the new stuff into an old engine…. some of this will work, some will be tricked to work (like enb is using a special way to give the user much more access to vram/ram as the original 3.2 GB accessable from the core-engine of skyrim… better knowledge of the creation kit from above 100K mods for skyrim….

it is more like a miracle, that this is working with so much fun for the most (enthusiastic) users and we have a nice game suitable to personal preferences, playstyles… and with none to little personal work to bring it in the “future”… skyrim (for me) is one of the best games of today… even the graphic is much more better (with the help of modding) as the bulk of “modern games”… and you “write” the story of your game… become addicted to the possibilities to put even more “miracles” into the game with growing knowledge at your side…

so… no “problems”…. just possibilities 🙂

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