Dark Ascension – Chapter 9: Hath Thee in Thrall

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Chapter 9: Hath Thee in Thrall

The Sisters of the Order refer her as the bookworm. Initiate Sera is sent by Mother Superior to find more information about the missing Relics at the Library of Inquisitors. When word that Neverine has control the area surrounding the Library of Inquisitors reaches Mother Superior too late, it is a rush to reach Initiate Sera. As Initiate Sera enters the Library, her life may change forever.

Dark Ascension

Chapter 1: Fortune’s Bedfellows

Chapter 2: Reaper’s Covenant

Chapter 3: Journey’s Shadowed Path

Chapter 4: Essence Awakenings

Chapter 5:Secrets Under the Stairs

Chapter 6: Vestal’s Order

Chapter 7: Veracity’s Twilight

Chapter 8: Pawns in Portension’s Shadow

Chapter 9: Hath Thee in Thrall

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