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After having a quick look at the way DWF assignes and checks virginity i believe this to be a DWF problem. Atleast under certain circumstances.

From DWF_Core_on_actions.txt:

From DWF_Core_core_events.txt:

The first block in the immediate = {} that checks characters below the age of 16 lacks the set_character_flag = dw_virginity_checked flag. Going by this i could foresee a scenario in which a Character (called “A” in the example below) would regain the Virgin trait.

At gamestart A is below 16 and is assigned the trait but not the flag. At some point A loses her virginity.

If on the next save reload she is between 16-30 and not any of these: fair/lustful/hedonist/seductress/seducer/pregnant/has a child/married/consort/lover.

She would probably be reassigned the Virgin trait.

As with my previous post, i’m not very expirienced with the DW scripts yet so if i’m wrong, i apologize.

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