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This post was helpful to me so I’m bumping it for new users like me. With the Steam version there is no option for 1440p, it jumps from 1080p to 4k. This leaves me with one of two issues. Playing in 1080p which looks bad upscaled to 1440p, or 4k which has no appreciable gain and makes my GPU (980Ti) run near 100%. I get a solid 60fps with everything turned up but I’m not happy with the card running full bore for such a simplistic “game”. With this fix, I’m looking at a comparable look to 4k with GPU utilization of <50%. That’s more like it!

I also notice the game is very GPU heavy in the main menu (girl/pool), and not so much during the volleyball matches. I’m thinking the main menu is using higher assets and effects. This is where I see the near 100% load at 4k which is strange. First thing I thought was this game was mining in the background.

It does suck that you have to do this every time a patch replaces the executable. Hopefully, KT will add 1440p support in the future.

Note: In the above steps, what you are looking for is the resolution setting in the launcher and replacing it with a custom one of your own. So in my case, I made the 1080p setting in the launcher act as a 1440p setting. So I’m looking for (8007000038040000) and replacing it with (000A0000A0050000). I left the 4k setting in case I decided to take 4k screenshots.

Once you change it, then in the launcher change over to the resolution setting you altered.

That is how it works on the Steam version anyway.

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