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I’m not 100% certain that DD Helpers is to blame for my fun and exciting new problem, but the error I’m getting references [DDH] so that’s what I’m basing this on. If I’m completely wrong – and what at the odds of that – wait, like 80%? Wow. Well if I am completely wrong hopefuly someone can point me to the correct thread to pester

I let my follower tie me up and she did a swell job of it. Then we wandered around killing mostly minor things – there was an exciting bit with a bear – until we came across a mine. I can’t recall the name of it, but it seemed a little too challenging for us to take with my bound, and since it was well past the minimum play time I asked her to take the restraints off, which she did, except for a pair of hand cuffs which naturally prevents me from doing much but kicking people

I checked my inventory but they don’t appear. I tried putting on another set of hand cuffs but get a message that they can’t be worn over the existing restraints. I tried asking Chloe to remove the restraints but that option doesn’t appear now. The closest I came to any thing positive was asking her if she could help me out. The system recognized that I was wearing cuffs because it gave the proper “Can you free me from these…” message, but when I clicked that I got a message I’ve not seen before:

[DDH] WornDevice is none

Judging by my success searching the forums for this, I may be the first person to have this happen to them, so… Yay I guess?

I’ve tried relogging and asking her again, also visiting a blacksmith and tried the “Can you help me out” option. He charged me 500 gold but I got the WornDevice is none message and the cuffs remain.

We managed to have just enough adventures that I’d rather not go back to a previous save until I’ve confirmed that there’s not a simple fix.

Thanks for any help you can give

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