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works really nicely together with AAF Violate 😸

I’ve a suggestion related to that, although given that the item management is separated in RDD mod above, I’m not sure how this would be best approached:

There’s cases (AAF Violate as an example) where the key mechanism isn’t an ideal solution. Right now the device properties are pretty much hard-coded into devices themselves, and while this is fine when making custom devices, in the generic devices it limits their utility. So I’m suggesting a setting that would allow treating the lockable restraints differently with options like:

– all keys function normally

– generic keys don’t apply, specific and quest-flagged keys work normally

– generic and specific keys don’t apply, quest-flagged keys work normally

and a separate setting:

– lockshield timer is increased by up to X hours, based on difficulty of 1) picking the lock 2) struggling out of restraints 3) greater of the two 4) static value

This would allow a “mandatory cool-off” for restraints, even if you have the key, but also – by disabling the keys – change all the regular locks into timer locks, optionally based on restraint difficulty (you could still try to struggle/cut out of the restraints – although an option to either set a global adjustment for the difficulty, or to put escape options behind the shield too, might be a nice addition too).

Looking at the code, this shouldn’t be terribly difficult to implement.

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