Devious Devices – Integration 4.2 (2018-11-01)

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So now that i feel more confident being able to fix it, i enabled most blindfold options. I don’t mind seeing it in the inventory anymore, but this happened after Cursed Loot’s dialog with innkeeper. I was already wearing blindfold before the dialog, but then she asked “oh you like lockable things, let me add some more”. The blindfold effect was removed from me, i think the mod tried to just strip headgear from me? But after that the script was duplicated and blindfold was not actually equipped. In screenshot here it is equipped for a test, but as soon as i close inventory and reopen it, it won’t be equipped anymore. I don’t have other blindfolds/hoods on me, and it was definitely in a working state before the npc. Basically the script and the item are no longer attached, or something like that. I do not believe this is script lag issue, it happens too often to be coincidence.

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