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Well now nothing is showing up on my fresh character. Invisible gear. I’m out of ideas:

– I ran Bodyslide with several presets, none of them made the devices appear (Built bodies and Outfits, without group filters, with group filters, outfit by outfit, batch built in a seperate folder then copy/paste it)

– I reinstalled the Devious Devices mods (yes all of them, DD/DDi/DDa/DDx and also tried with the Femboy DD pack)

– Tried to manually copy/paste the meshes folder since I read that invisible gear could be because of missing meshes

– Reinstalled Bodyslide and Outfit Studio, ran them from MO2 and from the Caliente Tools folder

– Ran FNIS and LOOT after each and every step mentionned above

– NifScanned, checked textures, nothing wrong

Game behaviour: MCM loads all the mods correctly, the animations work well (I look like I’m wearing the restrictive gear), sounds work perfectly too as do the dialogs. Nothing is showing on my character but the armor is equipped (Schlong is hidden by the belt).

I know a lot of people had this issue, I tried every single fix I could find and none of them did the trick. Is it because of the Femboy Race? What can I do then?

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