Devious Followers (10 April 2019)

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i really don’t know what happened here. at first on the same savegame everything worked. then i’ve got after 17 hours of playing the problem with DF wich is now solved after new installation. but now i got a new problem that cursed loot isn’t working anymore. well at least the cursed loot events. (traps only) Also not working right if i start a new game!

Also the petsuit is not given or equipped by devious follower. if i take one from expansion and equip it myself its working and also unequipped if i ask my follower that i will leave town. but the permanent petsuit or at least the one the follower won’t take off off you isn’t given or equipped eather. next thing i try is to uninstall assets, integration and expansion. also cursed loot and devious follower. after that i will install them again in an different order. i hope this might help but i fear that my savegame isn’t usable anymore after that (Again… )

The last time i’ve run into such problems were when i start to mod fallout 3 a few years ago…

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