Devious Followers (2 June 2019)

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I have Willpower turned onto its strictest settings, and it’s still somewhat toothless. But I wrote a huge PM about willpower in the past so…

Yes. This IS a really good idea.

I like it a lot.

Maybe the exact implementation isn’t my preference.

Rather than decreasing choices, I’d like an increasing number of things you have to deal with, or bias towards nastier ones.

Possibly have 1000 debt per failure on top of the other outcomes.

It seems a little too kind if you get a weak outcome in the list, while being sold is a bit harsh…

I’ve never had a trip through SS to or from DF that worked out without breaking my game one way or another, forcing a reload.

But I’ll wait and see how it balances out. If it gets done, which I hope it does. Maybe I can disable that particular outcome anyway?

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