Devious Followers (2 June 2019)

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But I made that point that it isn’t in a vacuum too. The situation can vary so considerably it’s hard to say what should be done about it to satisfy most people, that was my point, if I had one, and possibly I didn’t.

It might be that most people are fine with it as it is, or maybe they aren’t. I don’t know.

It seems a really low priority issue though, because when you exploit it, you know you’re cheating, and if you want to cheat that can’t be stopped.

There are limitless other cheats. Some of which are easy to block in a way that doesn’t cause any knock-on problems.

Again, entirely situational, in a different game, there’s no Dollmaker, and the follower charges differently.

In this case, now you are privileging your personal setup.

For example, in my game, cash is very hard to come by, so I don’t need large follower fees, and couldn’t pay them if they existed. You approach would make the entire feature extremely punitive to me, because 600 for an armbinder is the haul from two dungeons. But I don’t vend the DD items, I destroy them.

I don’t have a good answer to this, and why should I? It’s not even my problem Maybe Lozeak has an idea…

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