Deviously Cursed Loot V7.3 (2019-01-08)

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Hi, there is a problem I’m unable to solve. The MCM menu from Cursed Loot is missing. All other mods show up correctly within seconds of starting a new game. I tried for hours during the weekend, but couldn’t find a solution. This is on a fresh install with no previous version having been installed. I found two threads and two posts in this thread concerning the same problem, but none confirm it resolved. So far I tried:

Standing still for several minutes, opening MCM, closing it again, and waiting for several minutes more

Saving and reloading the game

Leaving the starting cell and running around for a bit

Checking and rechecking that all requirements are up to date

Using MCM Kicker (which diligently reactivates all mods, but still no DCL)

Disabling all mods safe for DCL and its prerequisites (and Live Another Life, because nope!)

I’m using the new Vortex mod manager from Nexus, so plugins should be sorted automatically, but I ran LOOT too, just to be sure. I would really like to resolve this issue before starting a new game. Can anyone help me please?

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