Deviously Cursed Loot V7.5 (2019-02-10)

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I think people misuse “realistic” and “lore” a lot when trying to explain why items look out of place. IMO it’s that shiny doesn’t suit the art style of Skyrim. Basically nothing in Skyrim is shiny, not even the gold and glass. It’s not that it can’t be shiny (we’ve discussed to death that these things could exist and be shiny), the problem is that when you have a picture of a girl with dull steel armor and gold jewelry with minimal shine to it and then you put a full gloss latex hood on her, it just doesn’t look right. Largely these items are added to the game because we want to look at girls in them (or use the visual to aid in a roleplay as them). It’s the same reason many high quality, non-kink modded armors look “off” when around stock armors.

-I love girls in latex

-I am not overly concerned with things being hyper logical

-I don’t think the latex stuff looks right in Skyrim

-I don’t care enough to have a stake in the ‘take it out’ argument

-I do personally believe that the latex items seem to be of a little lower quality than the original DD items

I just want to jump in to emphasize that this whole debate seems to me, to be people not being able to communicate exactly what it is that they think about these items. This problem comes up a lot in internet debates when people really want to talk about, tone/theme/style ect.

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