Deviously Cursed Loot V8.0 (2019-03-11)

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Yep happened to me however only if I skip dialogue. If i stay in the dialogue menu this does not happen (don’t know if it is related but that was before I reinstalled Fuz Ro Dah)

Well, to be fair I had it installed well half of it anyways. I actually just finished my first Prison “visit” got out early because I got pardoned.

I have a bug report maybe?

At the end of my third day, the Guards had some fun at my Expense and locked me in a Chastity belt, Bra, and a Rubber Suit. The Suit was invisible and after they were done the Guard didn’t unlock the chastity gear and also left the rubber suit unlocked in my inventory (Locked me back in my Pyjamas and stuffed me in my cell) this caused some “problems” later after two guards made a visit on my cell and they also didn’t unlock the chastity gear so one of them ended up masturbating. however, the day after I was pardoned and the guard at the entrance removed everything that’s why I’m not entirely sure if its a bug.

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