Deviously Cursed Loot V8.0 (2019-03-11)

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As others said, you shouldn’t have group filter active. Not at first time anyway, you must batch build so everything is included at least once.

But even with filter it would for me show tens of more stuff in the list. This means your Bodyslide doesn’t see any of the mods you have installed. And that can happen if you start the Bodyslide wrong way or it’s installed wrong place. I have never used Vortex, but if i understand the principle, you have to directly start it from the Steam’s data folder ( DataCalienteToolsBodySlide ) . Depends which virtual system you set to it or something… It should be a virtual copy, files being simultaneously in 2 places even when Vortex is closed? MO1/2 work entirely differently. But if you start Bodyslide from the mod folder it propably won’t find any mod.

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